Our K9 officers do an incredible job.  They are often overlooked and underappreciated.  K9 Hemi gave his life protecting and serving.  K9 Gabo took 4 rounds from an assailant at close range.  He is recovering and we pray that he makes a full recovery.  People have asked how to help and here is how.  All money raised from this campaign will go directly to our local K9s in Northeast Arkansas.  Click the button below or on Gabo's photo to make a financial contribution and help us equip these officers with the tools they need.  

Support your local K9 officers

2016 was our first year to partner with the Miracle League to bring a safe and unique egg hunt to disabled children from the Jonesboro area.

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The annual Shop with a Cop event brings in officers from all over Northeast Arkansas.  Each officer takes a child from various venues to enjoy breakfast and spend $100 thanks to Rotary Club


The FOP Fishing Derby is an annual event in which we invite all local children to come fish, eat, and win door prizes.  We even give away grand prizes such as bicycles and televisions.


Want to see what is inside?  Click the link or photo and we will send you a calendar for each $20 donation.  18 teams competed to be in this year's calendar by raising money for their chosen charity or organization.  The top ten are featured in this year's calendar.  Donations go to support various things such as Shop with a Cop, Miracle League Egg Hunt, Fishing Derby, Educational Shoothouse, and so much more.  

We have made it safe and easy to pay your membership dues online if your agency will not withhold it from your paycheck.

Girl scouts of America

January 12th

Jonesboro FOP

2019 Calendars are here!!!

Jonesboro FOP Educational BB Gun Shoothouse

We are bringing gun education back!!  Come by and visit us at our next event.  Time and location below....

Law Enforcement from Jonesboro PD, Craighead County Sheriff's Office and Detention Center, Arkansas Probation and Parole, ASU PD, Bay PD, Brookland PD, and Trumann PD.  We are cops working to create unity in the community.  Jonesboro FOP is a 501c8 Not for Profit Fraternal Organization.

Each month we chose an officer that has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  Anyone can nominate an officer and they can come from any of the departments in the FOP.  Check out our most recent Officers of the Month.

fishing derby

Click below or the photo to the right to order some mouth watering ribs.  These ribs are unbelievably good and are prepared by Preston "Big P" Marthey.  They will be available for pickup on April 27th at the Jonesboro Police Department parking lot from noon to 3pm.  Show us your emailed receipt when you arrive to pick them up.  Deadline is April 17th.  After your order, click the share button on the bottom of the order form.  This is to share the form...…….this does not mean you have to share your ribs!