All money donated at this particular page will go to the needs of local lodge K9s.  You can make a one time donation or sign up for a recurring donation.  Again, all money raised will go directly to the needs of local K9 officers in the Jonesboro FOP.  

Officer Gabo is back in service!!!!!  K9 Gabo was shot 4 times by an armed suspect that had already shot someone else in Jonesboro, AR.  This dog is tough!!!!  Many people have asked how to support our K9 officers and we have figured out a way for those willing to help.  

K9 Cash received Officer of the Month for January 2018

Our K9 officers train in a myriad of ways and they are exposed to dangerous situations just like 2 legged officers.  We have created a safe and secure way for you to support K9 officers in Northeast Arkansas.  

K9 Gabo

K9 Hemi gave his life to protect his fellow officers.  K9 officers need not only vests, they need animal first aid kits, K9 Narcan kits, muzzles, training tools, and many other needs.