The Jonesboro FOP Lodge 8 would like to thank you for your consideration.  We are a non-profit 501c8 and unfortunately, we do have to depend upon the generosity of the community to continue to grow our community events as well as introduce new ones.  Many organizations use cold calling centers and I personally have received calls from many different law enforcement organizations soliciting donations.  I always ask how much of my donation goes to the organization.  If they refuse to give you a straight and honest answer it is probably because they are ashamed of how little actually goes to the organization for which they are calling.  If you use this secure system below, there is no middle person, there is nobody charging to make calls on our behalf, everything goes directly to the Jonesboro FOP and in turn stays right here in our community.  We understand the importance of continued training as well as the building of a strong bond between officers and the communities they serve.  Please help us reach our goals by making a simple and secure donation.  It is possible to set it up as a recurring donation if you feel led to do so.  In this town of 70,000+....if 50 people pledged $20 a month then all of our fundraising goals would be met immediately.  If 100 pledged $10/month then all would be met.