FOP Calendar Sponsor 
$500 for logo on 1 month of our annual calendar for 2020 (only 12 spots available)(Example photo attached) Officers compete near the end of the summer to raise money for a non-profit or charity in order to win a spot for their team on the calendar.  

2020 Calendar Sponsors

Educational Shoothouse Sponsor
$500 for logo on every target printed for 2018.  (estimated to be around 1,000 targets) 
The Jonesboro FOP Educational Shoothouse teaches children gun safety.  The shoothouse is set up at least once per month and is free for any kid to participate.  Participants are given the opportunity to shoot the targets in a safe and controlled environment.  The targets are theirs to keep and they contain sponsor logos as well as the 10 rules for safe gun handling.  We also give away free gun locks at the event. 

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Name Sponsors

​Fishing Derby Sponsor
$100 for name on sponsors list or
$250 for logo on shirt.   
The Fishing Derby is June 15th and we usually sell about 100 shirts to members and family.  Every member helping that day wears their shirts.  We average anywhere from 100-300 participants.
(must be turned in by May 30th to be included on shirt)

Jonesboro FOP Supporters

Fishing Derby Sponsors

Educational Shoothouse Sponsors

Jonesboro FOP Supporter

Any amount helps toward reaching our goal to fund these events.  Simply click on any of the links or mail a pledge form to us.  

100% goes directly to the Jonesboro FOP for community events such as the Jonesboro FOP Miracle League Egg Hunt (Egg hunt for children with special needs), Jonesboro FOP Fishing Derby, Jonesboro FOP Educational Shoothouse, Rotary Club / FOP Shop with a Cop event (Officers take approximately 40 children in need shopping for Christmas), and Officer Support should a heavy need arise.  We have also hosted a free training class for officers from all over the state and have another class scheduled for this June.  
Currently, our membership is over 200 strong and our Facebook page has grown to the most followed FOP page in Arkansas and in many other states as well.  Our website averages over 1,700 visits a month.  We are constantly striving to showcase the professionalism in law enforcement and build stronger bonds with the community we serve through our community events.  

​​Partner Sponsors